Why DNA Analysis

You are UNIQUE so as your regime should be. Get your personalized Scientifically driven report based on your gene to achieve your goals faster.

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What is DNA and what it can do?

DNA–Deoxyribonucleic Acid— is the blueprint for life. It is present in every living creature ranging from the smallest bacterium to the largest whale. The molecule determines not only what physical characteristics you will have, such as hair, skin and eye colourbut also what diseases you may develop in near future.

Your DNA contains valuable information that can guide you in making smart lifestyle decisions, supported by science. We believe that you should be empowered by your health data, allowing you to design your own future. In addition to your DNA, the environment you are exposed to and the nutrition and lifestyle choices that you make can also play a significant role in your health outcomes. We apply a holistic approach to your health, analysing your DNA and lifestyle, to provide you with the most accurate snapshot into your current and future health.

Why DNA Analysis

Every year, people spend hundreds of billions of rupees on over-the-counter supplements (e.g. vitamins, minerals, etc.), try new trending diets and adopt new fitness crazes believing that these choices will improve their health and help them reach their goals just like their peers!

But this behaviour neglects one critical factor: we’re all different.

DNA analysis is an ultimate and unrivalled tool to understand how it affects your diet, exercise and your overall wellbeing.

By decoding the DNA traits, you can build the ultimate lifestyle by nourishing your body with tailored diet, exercise, and supplementation.

  • One-Time Investment
  • At Home Test
  • Non-Invasive Sampling
  • Science-Driven, Precise & Affordable
  • Holistic Personalised Wellness Solution

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With just one cheek swab you will receive a in depth report of your current and future well-being. This is not just a DNA test but an opportunity to change the way you wish to live your life on your own terms and conditions!

  • 1. Extensive report on genetic traits
  • 2. Personalised nutrition with over 600 veg and non-vegetarian meal plans
  • 3. Genetically matched exercise regimen as per your lifestyle
  • 4. Monthly customised supplement plan
  • 5. Personal counselling by our nutritionist

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What does your DNA report unveil?

Learn how your genetics influence your diet and discover the right food choices for you
Report Includes:
  • • Tailored macronutrient percentages
  • • Customized meal plans
  • • Ingredients w/ calorie breakdown
  • • Gluten Sensitivity
  • • Lactose Sensitivity
  • • Caffeine Metabolism
  • • Fat Metabolism
  • • Omega 3 Fatty Acid Level
  • • Polyunsaturated Fat Level
  • • Monounsaturated Fat Level
  • • Carbohydrate Metabolism
  • • Alcohol Metabolism
  • • Cholesterol Levels
  • • Triglyceride Levels
  • • Sodium Intake & Blood Pressure
Learn the types, frequency and intensity of workouts best suited for your DNA
Report Includes:
  • • Ability to Build Muscle
  • • Muscle Cramps
  • • Interactive Workout Planner
    • 1. Power vs. Endurance Body Type
    • 2. Exercise Behaviour
    • 3. Weight Response to Exercise
    • 4. Blood Pressure Response to Exercise
Discover the top supplements recommended for you based on an analysis of your genetics, goals, medications, and health conditions
Report Includes:
  • • Your Top Recommended Supplements
  • • Specific Dosages
  • • Reason for Recommendation
  • • Over 13 Essential Vitamins & Minerals
  • • Your Genetic Risk Level by Nutrient
  • • Scientific Research
  • • SNPs & Genotypes
  • • Personalized Recommendations and Plan
Everything your body needs. Smart supplements tailored to you. Get supplements delivered to your doorstep.
  • • Based on your DNA & health goals
  • • Made from the highest-quality pharmaceutical grade nutrients
  • • No bottles, no confusion on what you need
  • • No additives, fillers, or binders